Welcome to Smartcity Projects, a product and project management company that believes in a smart and sustainable present


We are a Singapore-based company committed to help cities to become more intelligent, environmentally-friendly, functional and welcoming to visitors and citizens

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We design and implement ALL-IN-ONE strategies for the smart city by offering unique, intersectional, and responsible solutions to the current global needs

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Presently the most competitive economy in the world, Singapore ranks top for investment potential, intellectual property protection, green building and openness

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Green building construction product, only class 3 in the market, anti descontaminating, anti pollution pavement and technology

ecoGranic® is a high decontaminating pavement that removes pollutants from the atmosphere –NOx, VOCs, PM–, offering a real solution to making cities cleaner and healthier.

Smart urban furniture and state of the art sculpture. Intelligent design and technology for the cities of the future

Customizable state-of-the-art sun clocks by Spanish artist Antonio Ross: Sophisticated culptures to mark the time and special occasions with top-notch precision.

Fully automated parking for bicycles and personally mobility devices for the intelligent nation, Europe

biceberg®, the automatic parking for bicycles most implemented worldwide. Only system in the market that allows the storage of collateral belongings such as backpacks and helmets.